X/Y Stereo Mic New Layout of Integral Controls Record WAVs & MP3s up to 24-Bit / 96 kHz R..

S.R 365.00

Ultra-Portable Design 5 Integrated Microphones 4 Selectable Recording Patterns Records to S..

S.R 590.00

Adjustable Stereo X/Y Microphone Can Record 4 Tracks Simultaneously 2 x XLR / 1/4" Combination Inpu..

S.R 685.00

Modular Mic and Input System Includes XY Microphone Module Four Simultaneous Inputs Uses SD Mem..

S.R 820.00

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder with Interchangeable Microphone System Modular Mic and Input System Inclu..

S.R 1,200.00

Key Features Podcast/Music/Field Recording Modes Swappable X/Y Stereo Mic Capsule 4 x XLR M..

S.R 1,450.00

The PCH-6 from Zoom is a water-resistant protective case for the Zoom H6 ..

S.R 145.00

Use with the H5 and H6 RecordersDirectional Shotgun MicThree Internal MicrophonesBuilt-In PreampSup..

S.R 420.00

Mid-Side Recording Adjust the Width of the Stereo Image Maintain Full Mono Compatibility Mix ..

S.R 535.00

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