SP USB Power Bank P101 Blue

غير متوفر عرض خاص SP USB Power Bank P101 Blue

شحن سريع

شحن سريع مع تزويد العميل برقم تتبع الشحنه على هاتفه

ضمان لمدة سنتين

ضمان لمدة سنتين أبتداء من تاريخ شرائك مع خاصيه أستبدال المنتج للسنه الأولى,  راجع شروط  الضمان

الشركة : Silicon Power
النوع : PowerBank
حالة التوفر : غير متوفر
S.R 180 S.R 119
غير متوفر!
الرجاء تعبئة النموذج التالي وسيتم أبلاغك حال توفر المنتج
رقم الجوال اكتب رقم جوالك بشكل دولي مع مفتاح الخط بدون اصفار مثال: 966511111111
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الكمية: اضافة للسلة

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شاحن خارجي بقوه 10400 أمبير

Super high capacity of 10400 mAh
Power P101 promises extremely high capacity of 10400 mAh. Power P101 has been tested that it is able to fully charge iPhone 5S for 5 times and offers more than 800 charge cycles. With such superior capability, Power P101 is perfect for heavy users on the go.
.Dual USB 2.1A output, Fast charging
Power  P101 is engineered with 2.1A output to deliver fast charging speed that is two times the speed of 1A output. Also, Power P101 features the thoughtful design of dual USB ports which can charge two smartphones at the same time.


.Quality guarantee with Samsung battery cell
Introducing the use of Samsung battery cell, Power P101 promises extremely high quality and durability that enables totally worry-free user experiences. 
.Safety protections of  OVP, UVP, OCP and SCP
Power  P101 is equipped with four protections including OVP, UVP, OCP and SCP which promises higher safety and durability. Also, Power P101 is approved by FCC/ CE/ BSMI and compliant with European RoHS directives and other certifications worldwide.


.LED indicator & Flashlight design
Power P101 is designed with an intelligent built-in LED indicator by which users can easily tell the charging status at a simple glance. Additionally, Power P101 incorporates the considerate flashlight design that can serve as an ordinary lightening device.
Get Stylish with vivid colors
Available in five vivid colors – black, white, blue, pink and purple, Power  P101 offers diverse fashion styles that users can choose from.



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