Silicon Power 32GB MicroSDHC UHS-1 U3 Superior Pro

S.R 82


‧The brand new specification of Ultra High Speed Class 1, UHS-1 (U3)

SUPERIOR Pro UHS-1 (U3) series flash card adopts new Ultra High Speed Class 3 specification (UHS-1(U3)) for 4K transmission,reaching at least 30 MB per second.The multiple progressing of transmission rate makes storage of high
quality videos, digital photos and even the 3D games easier.

  ‧Totally support 4K videos and images, satisfying your demand of 4K Ultra HD entertainment
  SUPERIOR Pro UHS-1 (U3) series can extend length of 1080p full-HD videos, and totally support 4K x 2K video recording, fully displaying gradational high quality images and videos.The living 4K x 2K extremely high quality images makes you feel like in present, satisfying different kinds of demand of entertainment.

‧Complete product line and excellent compatability
SP SUPERIOR Pro UHS-1 (U3) series is available for microSDHC and microSDXC,can be used in all kinds of DSLR, camcorder and displaying devices with 4K support.

 Totally support 4K x 2K high flow capacity video recording
- Capture high-quality images and extended the length of stunning 1080p full-HD videos with any SD UHS-1 compatible DSLR, camera, HD camcorder, 3D camera
- Excellent transfer speed of Speed Class 3 with at least 30 MB/s in writing
- Read / Write speeds up to 90/80 MB/s*
- Class 10 video recording performance**
- Recording 90 minutes of 4K/15 FPS videos with 32 GB***
* Transfer rates may vary, depending on system platform / software / interface and SD card capacity.
** The result may vary, due to the differences of devices and conditions.

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