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الشركة : Kenko
النوع : PRO DSLR Bag
حالة التوفر : متوفر
S.R 800
الكمية: اضافة للسلة

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Stylish and reliable backpack for 600mm class super tele lens with attached camera.

• Adopted to carry monopod.
• Store shutter release, glasses and other belongings.
• Large side pocket for bigger accessories like conversion lenses or adapters.
• Pocket for repair tools and small accessories. Side flap storage with zipper for clothes, books and gloves.
• Suitable space for lens hood and blower.
• Top zipper pocket for quick access to smart phone or filters.
• Top flap with double protection.
• First cover with inner flap Then fix outer flap with buckle.
• Included rain cover that covers the whole backpack.
• Rubber flexible strings to carry light jacket or towel.

pasted-image-1015.pngReliable Nifco buckle will keep your belongings safe inside pasted-image-1020.pngResistible to impacts and friction 1680 Ballistic Nylon pasted-image-1026.pngYKK zipper guarantees long-life utilization and protection from dust


pasted-image-1033.pngUltra thin firm handle grip pasted-image-1039.pngMesh back panel ensures comfort in hot summer days pasted-image-1057.pngBottom is made with hard EVA material
that resists dust and moisture
to get inside the backpack
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