Kenko 77mm Smart Filter Kit

غير متوفر عرض خاص Kenko 77mm Smart Filter Kit

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Kenko Smart Filter Kit consists of 3 filters: Protector, Circular PL and ND8 that belong to Kenko Smart filter series.



Protector is to use as a general protection of the lens. Made of high quality both sides multicoated glass, Smart Protector will not affect the quality of the image.

SMART PROTECTOR half cut.png
Circular PL filter is a basic filter with polarization effect to eliminate unwanted reflections or to enhance saturation and contrast of the sky and nature objects.

SMART C-PL half cut.png
ND8 (Neutral Density) filter will decrease the volume of the light coming through the lens to achieve 8-times longer shutter speed or wider aperture during shiny day or to imitate blur motion of the water and moving objects.

SLIM ND8 half cut.png
Kenko Smart Filter Kit will give you opportunity to obtain 3 initial filters at once to start shooting and create your own unique photos.


All 3 filters are arranged in one soft stylish branded pouch that is covered by hard paper package.

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