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Que Audio's Q 210 Hybrid Shotgun Microphone Kit delivers the ultimate in flexibility while maximizin..
S.R 1,050

 Que 210 Video Shotgun Microphone Kit عرض خاص
 Description: The 210mm Shotgun Mic is compact and durable, yet extremely lightweight in tru..
S.R 799 S.R 650

 Que DSLR-Video  Microphone Kit عرض خاص
 Description: The Q DSLR-Video Kit was designed specifically for using with HD camcorders an..
S.R 650 S.R 530

 Que DSLR-Video Kit LITE عرض خاص
! أصغر لاقط صوتي حتى الآن Description:  The Q DSLR-Video Kit Lite was designed specifical..
S.R 450 S.R 399

 Que DSLR-Video PRO Microphone Kit عرض خاص
QMSG-PRO: Mini Shotgun PRO Microphone QWJ5 Windscreen QSM-PRO: Heavy Duty Shockmount for Q Mi..
S.R 890 S.R 640